Things That Are My Favourite Feelings

Hot-Mug-In-My-Hands Feeling
Seeing-My-Favourite-Band Feeling
Oh-Goodness-The-Airplane-Is-Flying Feeling
The-Clothes-Fit-Without-Even-Trying Feeling
All-Of-The-Pillows-And-Rest Feeling
All-Of-The-Cats-Love-Me-Best Feeling
Straight-Out-A-Steaming-Shower Feeling
Workout-Got-Me-Full-Of-Power Feeling
My-Food-Approaches-The-Table Feeling
I-Worked-Hard-And-I’m-Strong-And-Able Feeling
This-Book-Is-Giving-Me-FEELINGS! Feeling
Breakthrough!-I-Could-Touch-The-CEILING! Feeling
This-New-Music-Is-Beyond-Compare Feeling
Someone-Playing-With-My-Hair Feeling
That-“Woah-You-Just-Get-Me” Feeling
That-“Oh-Hi-You-You’re-Lovely” Feeling


Today’s prompt was to ‘write your own Sei Shonagon-style list of “things.”’ I chose to list my favourite FEELINGS, based on a video I watched of Hank Green’s a while ago:

What are your favourite feelings? 😀

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