Seven Things That Keep Me Up At Night

  1. Sudden loud noises.
  2. Loud noises that are sudden.
  3. Sudden noises that are loud.
  4. Noises that contain both loudness and suddenarity.
  5. The suddenarity of noise that loudens to a noisous loudness suddenly.
  6. The suddeness of loudarity noisararity that noisily loudens suddenly until the peak of suddenarity noisous loudness has been attained.
  7. Making up nonsense sentences when I could be sleeping.


We were challenged to write something in the format of a list for NaPoWriMo.

I often used to find myself lying awake at night for ages with thoughts rolling around my mind like a ship in a turbulent sea. You think your mind has calmed and this is the moment when you’re finally going to drift..gently….into sleep……AND YOU GET SMASHED BY A GIANT WAVE OF THOUGHTS.

So frustrating. That’s when I started journaling. I would keep a book next to my bed side and write down every single thought I had for 10-30 minutes. All the worries, ideas and memories until my mind was a blank page and the pages in front of me were full. It never had to be a, “Dear Diary” entry (or in my case, Dear Dairy because CHEESE IS LIFE). It was just a transfer of all the erratic array of all the words and pictures in my mind until there was nothing left.

Then I would find my mind as calm and still as the Seychelles seas. I would urge anybody and all the bodies to journaling as a cathartic means of falling asleep.


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