The Circle- a 40 year long story that takes place in 4 weeks (give or take)

The circle, by Ted Dekker.

“If you are a CS Lewis Fan, then you’ll love this book”

-Nobody in particular.

I thought I would start off this post with an obscure quote about this series of books because before I read this series, I considered the series in itself to be pretty obscure.

I had heard mention of it two or three times (which is a pretty common thing when you circulate within book-loving communities), which isn’t usually enough to catch my attention but the name “The Circle Series” stuck because every time it was mentioned, it was followed by the phrase “one of my favourite series ever”.

Now anything that gets mentioned to you by three separate, unrelated and completely different persons is worth checking out. If those same three people all happen to mention that it was one of their favourite series EVER, then heck yes –­ go check that bad boy out ASAP as possible.

The series consists of four books: Black, Red, White, and Green. I love the names because they give nothing away! Yet once you’re about 3/4th of the way through each book, you’re like, “ooooh!”.

Each book in and of itself is such a good stand-alone story, much along the lines of Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and Narnia. My best review that I can possibly give you for this book is that it is FAST-PACED AND PACKED.

It’s on a similar speed to the writing style of Patrick Ness, where it feels as if you are in a boxing match with Ali, and he is hitting those blows faster than you can block, page after page after page.

Dekker skips all the small talk and filler and just hits you with life-altering, story-changing event chapter after chapter for over 1500 pages.

The knock-on effect of so many big events happening per chapter is that the pure scope of this journey is far greater than you could ever predict from book one. Dekker condenses years of events into a few weeks. The distance traversed through time and space is such a great part of the story as your idea of what the story is actually about is constantly changing. This is another great theme of the story; there is a floop-load of mystery! I found myself saying time and time again to Hannah that my theory has just changed, and then changed again, no wait, now I have a new theory. SHUCKS AGAIN, NEW THEORY. I am a sucker for trying to guess the end of movies and books, but I could not make up my mind where the story was heading (which I love!).

If you read up a few other reviews of this book, I have no doubt that they will speak greatly about the Biblical themes that are portrayed throughout the book. My opinion is that, regardless of your stance, if you were okay with the metaphorical imagery in Narnia, Harry Potter, or even His Dark Materials (known more publically as The Golden Compass), then you’ll absolutely love this book and take it as the outstanding piece of literature that it is, written by an author that drew inspiration from several sources (as every author who has ever lived has done) and has gone on to compose a fantastical story that dances between two opposing worlds that are inextricably linked.

I’ve always stated this, and I still stand by it: I love any story that consists of one or more of these elements:

  1. Magic
  2. Time Travel
  3. Sword Fighting

I’m happy to announce that this series has ALL THREE (waaaaw!)

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