About us

Have you stumbled upon our blog and found yourself wondering, “Who are these people?” Here’s a little intro for you:

Who are we? First of all, silly. Second of all…

Hannah: I’m a semi-professional word nerd with a terrible book-hoarding problem. Kyle and I met in a closing-down bookshop in 2018–
Kyle: –and couldn’t seem to get rid of one another after that, so we figured if you can’t beat ’em, start a book blog together.
H: Seriously, so much of our relationship is predicated on the fact that we both love stories as well as the meanings we derive from those stories.
K: We’d often find ourselves discussing into the wee hours of the morning how these stories have influenced our perspectives on life and one day we just thought, “Hey, we should probably write these thoughts down!”
H: And so our blog came to be. We’re also coffee addicts and think to ourselves every morning, “We’ve got all these things we have to do – but first, coffee.” We apply that same principle when it comes to reading – we’ve got all these things we have to get through in life, but first: fiction.

Are you also a word nerd, book-hoarder or lover of stories? Join us!

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