Talk about a novel tee!

Wow, I have the most fun Friday Feature to share with you!

If you know me, you’ll know my go-to outfit is a graphic t-shirt and jeans/leggings. I’m also (clearly) a word nerd and love it when quotes, puns or pop-culture references are emblazoned on said t-shirts. Now, for instance, I’m wearing a tee that boasts a modified Starbucks logo, with a stormtrooper helmet in the place of the mermaid along with the words, “STAR WARS COFFEE: May the froth be with you”. So: YES to Star Wars, YES to coffee, and YES to a mash-up of these two worlds!

But I have a confession, and I think it’s one that won’t surprise you too greatly: my absolute favourite tees are the ones that proudly declare me to be a bibliophile, and all of these which I own come from Bookshelf Tees.

I’ve known Lauren, who runs Bookshelf Tees, for yonks. How long is yonks, you ask? Well, somewhere between 12 and 15 years, I think. We met through blogging actually, and blogging specifically about Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (…which I still own. Bite me.). Not only is this woman caring and magical and driven and HILARIOUS, but it was and remains the coolest thing ever to make a friend by bonding over READING! I’m sure a ton of you guys who have connected via blogging about books know what I mean. To put it in Lauren’s own words, taken from her site:

“I have always been one to feel things passionately. If I love something, I LOVE it and I want to share that love with everyone. Throughout my life I have gone through waves of loving things, from the Backstreet Boys to The Hunger Games, and Gilmore Girls to Hamilton. I never wanted to love these things quietly; I wanted to wear that love on my sleeve, and shout it from the rooftops. Through the internet I have made many friends who think similarly and share a love for these fandoms. It was wonderful to realize, “It’s not just me! Other people love these things as much as me!” My hope is that when you wear a shirt from Bookshelf Tees, you will make connections with likeminded individuals. That when they see your shirt and say, “Hey! I LOVE that book!” it will be the meet-cute to a great friendship.”

Yeah, guys, she’s the best.

Lauren also has a BOMB family and she’s raising three cuties to be smart, creative, epic members of society, so for a while she closed up shop – BUT! She has just reopened! And you should all definitely go support her!


Lemme sum up what I’m going for here:
1. These are such comfortable and cute shirts that are low-maintenance when it comes to taking care of them;
2. There is nothing more epic than supporting someone who is pure awesomesauce and who is running their own business;
3. Her designs are limited edition so if you see one you love, buy it NOW!! I have a few that I ADORE which are no longer available, and I’m so chuffed to call them mine.
4 Guys, seriously, I don’t have to convince you… these are t-shirts about BOOKS.

Here are just some of the shirts from Bookshelf Tees that I own (and forgive the poor quality of the photos, I’m relying on screenshots for now):

You can also follow the adventures of Bookshelf Tees on Facebook here and on Instagram here (where Lauren posts pics of indie bookstores in her story that make me absolutely drool… fair warning). So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a Bookshelf tee – they’re super novel 😉

What’s your favourite book merch you’ve ever purchased? Tell us in the comments below… and HAPPY FRIDAY! ❤

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