Hear ye, hear ye!

Friends, countrypeople, earthlings! It’s your occasional blogger friend, Han the Mac, back to offer you greetings and a meagre chat about my reading habits over the last few months.

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As mentioned a few blog posts – and months – ago, I decided to increase my reading goal for 2019 from 50 to 60 books after encountering Amy Slatem’s epic book list printables. (If you haven’t seen them yet, guys… they are amazing; go print and use them!) I already contemplated my potential struggle to reach this goal back in May… so you might ask how that reading challenge is going. Well… I’ve read just over 30 books, so it’s going to be a productive couple of months trying to reach my goal!

One of the reasons I didn’t read as much as I’ve wanted to this year was that I committed to cross stitching a couple of fairly complex cross stitch pieces as gifts for my smol cousins, and these took me a lot longer than anticipated. I genuinely worked on both pieces for the majority of my free time for four months! So, I hear you ask… well, why didn’t you listen to audiobooks during all that time? 


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An actual photo of me discovering how great audiobooks are, or something.

I always maintained I didn’t like audiobooks (having… never really tried them), plus I can’t afford Audible at the moment, so why bother? Well. Since I already have a Spotify subscription, and Spotify is majorly cheaper than Audible per month, I decided to just *look* for some audiobooks on Spotify. Lo and behold, I found an account that has tons of great audiobooks loaded onto it, and in the last week, I’ve demolished The Hunger Games trilogy, narrated by Carolyn McCormick, and made a massive dent in Pride & Prejudice, narrated by Alison Larkin (with BONUS REGENCY MUSIC to boot). Carolyn’s narration is brilliant aside from her singing (I took breaks from the audiobook at each point where Katniss sings, and just YouTubed Jennifer Lawrence’s movie versions of the songs, which I adore). Alison is HILARIOUS and perfectly animates the ridiculous Mrs Bennet and Mr Collins in ways that have made me cackle helplessly.

As it turns out? I LOVE AUDIOBOOKS. And when I think about it, there was no reason I wouldn’t – I grew up on tapes of books (anyone here familiar with Jack Nicholson’s narration of How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin?) and, even better, my parents reading my sister and me a TON of books before bed each night. I’m a creature with a great fondness for all things audio, and I’m so happy to have discovered that audiobooks can join the party! OK, to be fair, I haven’t yet listened to an audiobook that I haven’t already read, so I don’t mind missing small parts of the story if I’m suddenly distracted by some element of my project at work or if my phone’s bluetooth runs amok in the car (which happens on the reg, because my phone is a dinosaur). I’m next going to attempt listening to an audiobook that I haven’t read before, and I’m excited and nervous to see how that goes – stay tuned! But I’m also kicking myself for not investigating and delving into this world of reading before now. I feel like I could have easily already reached my goal for the *year* by now, when I consider how much time in traffic and at work I have to listen to stories while also accomplishing other tasks. But hey – hopefully I can get through a plethora of books in this fashion over the course of the next couple months. I mean, hey – there are 9 weeks left in the year (it’s true; I just Googled). So I just need to listen to three books a week for the rest of the year and that’ll equal 27 – the exact number of books I have left to read out of 60! I think it’s… possible.

What do you think of audiobooks – are you a fan or a critic? What’s the best audiobook you’ve ever listened to, or who is your favourite narrator? We’re all ears!

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