small horse, gentle giant
with plate-sized paws that plead to play
and ruby-red collar round your neck;
puzzled muzzle covered in wispy whiskers,
slobbery chops, expressive brows and their chocolate eyes,
healthy nose known for sniffs and snuffs, snores and sighs,
ears folded back, revealing shock-pink,
scratch-begging belly, tail with a kink –
you are not just brown; you are rather rust-gold.
you are not only large but more like a miniature boulder.
you are not simply the sum of these components but
a whole bundle of joy and nerves jangled together,
like God picked out all the best things in the catalogue:
Bruno, Great Dane, best dog

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Alright, I’m officially not going to end NaPoWriMo by the end of tonight, BUT I haven’t given up yet! Here’s Day 23’s poem: a poem about an animal. I was going to attempt a meditative poem the likes of Mary Oliver’s work – she consistently wrote so beautifully and simply about the natural world – but instead there came this poem about my work-pet. Because he’s awesome. Duh.


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