Blogger to Blogger Series: An Interview with Kyle and Hannah @ But, First, Fiction

Kyle and I were so happy to be featured by the awesome Deb on her blog The Reading Chick! 😀 We had so much fun answering these questions.

The Reading Chick

I love blogging duo’s, trio’s and more! As with most of us, the reason we started to blog was because we wanted to discuss the books we’ve read with someone. Well, Kyle and Hannah are the book blogging team behind But, First, Fiction. They have such a fun vibe on their blog. As soon as you search their Menu and see Monday Mumblings and Wednesday Wordlings you know you’re in for a treat! If you haven’t visited But, First, Fiction please click the link below. But, First, Read their answers to my 10 questions!

But, First, Fiction

Blogging is universal and even though we inhabit the same community, we don’t always live in the same country. What country do you live in?

Kyle: We live in South Africa. People often ask us, “Where is South Africa?” to which we reply, “Northern Africa, as the name implies.”

What is the view…

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