Anticipation: a pre-book-sale post

Hannah: Waaaaah! The Exclusive Books Warehouse Sale – genuinely the biggest sale of new books I’ve ever been to, and one of the most exciting things I did last year – is BACK! This sale is exactly what it sounds like: one of South Africa’s biggest booksellers, Exclusive Books, opens up their warehouse and unpacks crates upon crates of brand new books, which they sell for R35 apiece (roughly $2 in American currency). I posted a teeeeny bit about my experience at last year’s sale here… But this year, I get to experience it with Kyle, and I am THE MOST THRILLED!

excited danny pudi GIF by truTV’s Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters

Kyle: We have a timeline drawn up, snacks and energy boosters (*ahem* coffee) planned, and a whole lot of anticipation building up. Based on Han’s experience last year, since the majority of the books aren’t sorted according to genre and you just have to basically go table-by-table, we aren’t looking out for specific books – if we did that, we’d probably miss some gems and come away a bit disappointed. Instead, we’ve decided to pick up anything that looks good to us and review our choices before we buy. Along with this, we thought we could keep our eyes out for a few specific authors, regardless of whether or not they’re the particular books we want to grab by said writers.

Here are some authors we’re looking out for:

Hannah: In addition, I will almost always buy anything by Marilynne Robinson, Kazuo Ishiguro, Margaret Atwood, Rainbow Rowell and Patrick Ness, even if I already own the book – birthday presents, right?!

Kyle: We take these things very seriously. We’re going to be up at 5am (on a Saturday) to get to the book warehouse as soon as possible so that we can CAMP outside their door and be the first ones in! It’s going to be chaotically wild but we’ve been mentally preparing for MONTHS and have an almost militant strategy going into the day. Operation: get aaaallllll the books!

Do you have any other authors we should definitely add to our list? Let us know! 😀


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