Eyyy, BC!

after believing courage’d died,
even fewer girls had interest.
jaded kids laughed more noisily,
obscured passion, queried reality,
stayed trapped under violent words:
experiential youthful zealousness.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My Day 19 offering for NaPoWriMo – an abecedarian poem, as prescribed! That means each word of the poem is alphabetised 🙂 I ended up writing something about disillusioned youth, kind-of. Who knows?!

(Side note: I promise there’s book content coming soon. It’s just been a silly couple of weeks in terms of busyness, and it’ll be another busy-ish one… but we are working on posts about literature! 😉 )

Image by【中文ID】愚木混株 【ins-ID】cdd20 from Pixabay


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