An Elegy On The Loss Of Momentum

Once, we were close and had 
impetus to push forward:
energy and excitement,
a plethora of positivity,
a well of wonderful words…
But somewhere, out there
in the maze and milieu,
we lost you.
Since then,
it has been little more than
a confusing chaos to catch up:
a dry well,
a scrambling egg,
a boot to the back foot,
a dizzying disappointment.
We mourn your absence; truly, we do.
We feel an ache equivalent to
passing a wounded animal on the highway – 
except in this scenario, perhaps
we are the bitter roadkill 
you have zipped past.
Limping to the side of the lane,
we pause and pray
that in spite of our loss,
we would one day learn 
to live again in the moment-um.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
YA GIRL’S BACK WITH ANOTHER POEM! This is my response to the Day 18 prompt for NaPoWriMo – to pen an elegy. I wrote about losing momentum in NaPoWriMo, obviously 😉

The featured image for this post is again by the artist cdd20, who has generously made some of their work available for reuse on Pixabay.


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