The Basotho Mountains call me home

The Lake Malawi calls me home

The Jeffreys Bay waves call me home

The Port Elizabethean wind calls me home

The Bloemfontein farm lands call me home

The Johannesburg bustle calls me home

But the only home I’m going to

Is the home I feel when I’m with you.


Day 11 of NaPoWriMo had us writing about where we are from and where we are going.

I’ve moved around a bunch. More than most people. Lived in 3 different countries by the age of 7. Started off in Lesotho, which is known for its beautiful and vast mountain ranges.

The mountains of Lesotho as shown here

We then moved to Malawi, which was an incredible experience of moving from freezing conditions of snow and ice, straight into the African heat, where temperatures reached above 50 degrees Celsius (more than 122 degrees Fahrenheit). Malawi was known for its massive lake, which we visited a few times to explore its waters and visit the Hippos (the actual plural is hippopotami).

Lake MalawiPhoto from a Huffington post article

There was no proper schooling available in or around our village in Malawi, so my mom and I moved back to South Africa to a small seaside town called Jeffreys Bay, which was known for its surfing culture due to having some of the longest and most perfect right hand breaks in the world. So yes, to answer your unspoken questions: I used to be a surfer, in fact, it was actually my school sport.

JBay Photo taken from here

From there, Port Elizabeth was the next stop for High School, which was a city known for aaaaalways (and I mean always) being windy. Its known in South Africa as the Windy City. Although East London (the one in South Africa, not London) could probably give it a proper go in terms of wind.

Image of PE borrowed from here

I had to go to University somewhere, so I decided on a university right spot bang in the middle of South Africa in a city called Bloemfontein (directly translates as Flower Fountain), which was a town surrounded by farm lands and filled with farmers. There are two common weekend phrases that stirs up great excitement in such a town. The first was, “Ons gaan nou braai”- which translates as we are now going to barbeque, a massive cultural activity in South Africa. And the other phrase more local to Bloem was, “Ons gaan plaas toe,” which translates into we are going to the farm. To be honest, going to my mates’ farms really was an awesome weekend activity. We paddled down rivers, hiked up mountains, rode horses, and spent a lot of time outdoors and together as there was no cellphone reception out there.

Bloem farm lands borrowed from here

Now I live in Johannesburg. Working in the health industry. Spending a lot of time either in traffic or trying to avoid traffic. It’s the hustle and bustle of real life. But Johannesburg gave me one more thing. It gave me not only another place to be from, but also a place I am going. And that is the person that I both share this blog with and the person I spend all day being excited to see again.

Joburg photo taken from here

I would love to hear where you are from or where you are going? And if you want to write it in a poem format- tag us on your blog as we would love to hear your story!

Kyle and Hannah in the moooorning

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