Wishful thinking

If tree bark was as soft as clouds,
woodpeckers wouldn’t have such a hard time of it.
The need for painkillers in the woodpecker community
would drop rather alarmingly.
Woodpecker pharmacists would go bankrupt suddenly.
(What would perhaps become questionable
is the trees’ structural integrity…
But this is all hypothetical, naturally.)

If the moon could grant wishes and listened to wolves,
none of them would go hungry.
Instead, they’d feast with ferocity
on the very thing that had consumed them previously:
their own feeling of low and lonely.
Sheep, in turn, would praise the saviour moon:
Baaaaa-llelujah! Glory be!
Their life expectancy would increase exorbitantly.

Of course, none of this will happen,
but it’s still fun to imagine what could be
if we looked at the world around us a little differently.
Maybe, just maybe, there exists the possibility
that we could change things – incredibly.
Or maybe that’s just me.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Today’s challenge was to write a poem that focuses “on what might happen if the conditions are right”. I played fast and loose with this idea 😉 Everyone’s poems for the prompt seemed to start with the word “if”, which OBVIOUSLY had me reciting over and over:

“If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs,
“The bark on the trees was as soft as the skies, “
As the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely,
He cries to the moo-oo-oon, “If only, if only.”

From there, I started imagining what it would actually be like if the fantastical things in Louis Sachar’s ditty came true, and I wrote this silliness.

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