If all ladies were bugs

If all ladies were bugs

men would get awfully lonely and no sandwiches would get made.

If all grass were hoppers

that would make Sunday picnics far more of an adventure with tea splashing and scones flying.

If all suns were flowers

It would give a whole new meaning to our universe being a cosmos

If all fruit were flies

I’d have to chase my bananas all over the kitchen and hunt down elusive oranges with a fishnet.

If all pans were cakes

I’d have to pretend to resist eating dessert while frying up breakfast but secretly snacking on the cookware anyway.

If all hands were bags

I would finally be able to carry all the groceries in one trip from the car, while onlookers pursed their lips at me clutching on for dear life

If all stars were fish

we would spend entire nights stargazing on my roof as they swam in circles around the sky

If all the humans weren’t stuck in a race

Wouldn’t the world be a funny place?


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