Lung Capacity

The splash of my oar

As I nervously scan the water

I cannot ignore

The laughter of my daughter

As she frolics along the river’s shore

I never should have brought her

I scream and wave in frantic panic

As a suspicious log drifts towards her

Her befuddled confusion drives me manic

“Move! Run! Don’t let this occur!”

Splash! Snap! The most horrific shriek.

She disappears under as I collapse weak

Is this how her life ends?!

I scream out at Death

“Well, that depends;

How long can she hold her breath?”


This is my post for day 2 of the NaPoWriMo challenge. Our prompt was to write something that had an open ending and ended in a question? It’s a bit dark but ayyy when you get an idea, roll with it.

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