Instrukshuns On How too Right Good

Step won 
When writing four fun
No matter how little you have done
Or if you have written more than a ton
Never fourget the poet’s direkshun

Step too
Weather you’re poem is four me or ewe
The goodest of gabble is the glue 
That binds you’re bundles of balderdash
All the way threw

Step three
Goodness mee 
This one is pertinent to poetic poetree 
Never be joking or even cheesy
You need to be serious, serious as can brie 

Step fore
Never be a bore
Always keep them guessing
As making sense can be distressing 
But utter chaos is a blessing

Step five 
If there’s only won thing that you must derive 
It’s this won step for witch you must always strive
Never spell check or autocorrect 
If as a poet you wish to thrive 
These things are for cowards and weaklings,
And people named Clive.
Don’t be like Clive.

If you want your poem to be best selling
And your story telling to be excelling 
Things like grammar are simply repelling 
And the prose you nose is rather dispelling
And for goodness sake
Don’t make this mistake
Never, ever, EVER 
check your spelling 

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