Let’s adventure!

It’s time for a Friday Feature again (sheesh, yay: weekend!) and I found the coolest free downloadable posters that I wanted to share with you guys ❤ I’ve mentioned my deep and abiding love of lists and free things before (if you missed last week’s feature, go check out Art Aims’ free book list printables!) and I’m back at it again. This week, check out these brilliant free-to-download posters designed by the folks over at the Public Broadcasting Service to raise awareness about their project, The Great American Read.

Here are some of my favourites:

How great are they?! They make me want to go on holiday, first of all. They look just like postcards advertising spiffy vacation destinations – and isn’t reading the ultimate journey? Secondly, as a graphic designer-d, I’m majorly in love with the care that’s gone into the design of each poster. And these are just a few of them – there are posters from Tom Sawyer to Dune, Game of Thrones to 1984 to The Martian, so whatever your reading tastes, you should be covered.

If you don’t know what The Great American Read is – I’m South African, so I had to investigate – each year (I think), PBS gets the American public to vote on their most-beloved book and they compile a list of 100 titles based on those votes. How cool?! You can even take a quiz to find out how many of the books you’ve read!

Here’s my result from the quiz. Not too shabby…

Scrolling through the 100 titles, I saw a few I love dearly (and was happy to see Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird at the top of the charts), a few I’ve been meaning to read, a few I’ve never heard of, and one terrible book 😂

Which is your favourite poster? Which is your favourite – or least favourite – book on the list? Let us know in the comments! Happy weekend, everyone!

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