10 Book Memes that describe me perfectly

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YUP. This is me currently. Trying to process the madness of The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness before starting the third and final book in the series, Monsters of Men. What a roller coaster that fictional world has turned out to be so far.

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Pretty much me after I have emerged back into reality. I’m sure you can relate to that dazed feeling of “where am I?” and “is this real life?” that overwhelms your mind and heart after a fantastical fictional escapade. I tend to stumble around my surroundings in a zombie-like state while tiny people in my brain are running around screaming and trying to switch processors back to normal.

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LATE NIGHT BOOK ADVENTURES. Yes, I have work the next day. Yes, I am aware that I have to wake up in 4 hours time. BUT I haaaaave to know what happens or I won’t sleep anyway. Being tired is future me’s problem. Present me needs one more chapter!

I’m a full time reader and a part time rapper. Also been known to enjoy clever pop culture references.

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How else am I suppose to relax? Except through emotional abuse and traumatic fictional events. You know when you get into bed to chill with a book but by a few chapters in and you’re either up straight on the edge of your bed or literally PACING up and down the room because I am so deeply invested. Isn’t that how everybody relaxes? I am normal, right?

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Too many books! We recently got a bigger bookshelf because books were just piling up in boxes and on stacks. My dream is a room dedicated as a library in my house, so no amount of night stands will ever be enough. There will be many multiples of bookshelves required!

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I love the life lessons that I have learned to not make through the mistakes I have experienced fictional characters make. Nobody gets hurt in the process and I gain understanding of how to avoid a potentially hurtful situation without anybody actually getting hurt in order for me to gain the experience. It’s really super valuable. Unfortunately, life is still a reality and I still mess up constantly. But as Jimmy Fallon always says, things could be worse.

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Please refer to Meme number two.

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This used to be me ALL THE TIME until I met Hannah. Her pop-culture and fandom references are off the charts! It’s so fun to be around somebody who catches inside jokes about books and series we both enjoy.

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100% Accurate. Candy would not work (gross). Most fast foods such as pizza and burgers are meh (not today, cancer). I’m reasonably fit so I would put up a good fight and tussle. The only way to get me inside your van would be free books on my TBR list. And possibly board games. I have a good friend who owns a board games cafe (it’s called CoffeeTalks Cafe-it’s epic!) and over the years we have played some remarkable board and card games that have been more fun than 95% of the other things I’ve done with my time. I love that they are social, interactive and often take you on a journey that ends up being an incredibly fun way to spend time with mates.

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