Friday Freebie from Art Aims!

If there are three things I love in life, they are:
1. Books;
2. Lists (ahem); and
3. Free things, especially if they are beautiful (or tasty).
When the amazing Amy Slatem shared these free printable book lists earlier this week, then, I think it’s justifiable to say I was very very very excited.

I meeeeean!

I started using GoodReads sometime last year and have been using it to track my progress in 2019, but there’s something way more satisfying about a hand-written list, don’t you think? I love that there’re extra pages for avid readers, and that the final page lets you fill in the tens-column – I could go all the way up to ONE HUNDRED if I wanted to! (Let’s be serious: I will never make it to 100 books in one year. Unless reading becomes my job. Please let reading somehow become my job!)

My list so far…

In all honesty, though, last year I set a challenge of 50 books for myself which I JUST reached in the nick of time. This year, I’d planned on going for 50 again – but I can’t very well leave the last page of these lists half-complete, can I? So I’ve upped my challenge to 60 books, and I’d better get my rear into gear 😉 (GoodReads is already yelling that I’m two books behind schedule… calm down, buddy, I’ll get there!)

So what are you waiting for? Head to Ames’ blog, download, print and fill in these awesome freebies, and share your lists with us! 😀 Also follow Amy on WordPress and Instagram, because all of her work is awesome and deserves a huge following.

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