Chapter One

A journey starts with a single page.

– Hannah and Kyle in the morning

Today is the 6th of January: the perfect date for a perfect date, with both a new year and a new adventure ahead. We may rewrite this post a million times over in the months to come, but regardless: sitting in a small coffee shop together and daydreaming over all the things this new project could become seems like the ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday.

We’re excited about the prospects ahead and look forward to tapping into a community of book-lovers just like us! Our dreams for this space revolve around stories and our connection to them and to each other.

Whether you’re starting your day, caught in the middle of it, or finally ending it, it’s our hope that you’re not too “overbooked” to join us “between the covers” of your favourite story. With adventures, conquests, romances and drama ahead, we’re well aware that life is busy and there’s plenty to do… but first, fiction.

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